Increased durability and modern design

Laminated glass is a very flexible material, combining durability and resistance of its structure with subtle and modern design. It is made of glueing two or more glass panes together with special foils.

lam2Multi-layers and the production method result in its increased durability and security. In case of a hit, a web of fractures appears on the surface, but a laminated glass pane does not fall into pieces. Owing to that, any possible damages or injuries are decreased.

Laminated glass is characterised by its high thermal and acoustic isolation degree. Its layers create a coat which protects against noise and loss of warmth. They also act as a barrier against UV light preventing fading of furniture and wall colours as well as graphics placed between glass layers (Monoglass).

Laminated glass is perfect for keeping tidiness as any kind of dirt is easily cleaned from its surface without damaging it. Modern architecture is making more and more often use of this material and its range of applications is constantly expanding. It provides wide decorative, design and colour opportunities.

  • Laminated glass applications:
  • Glass tops
  • Glass floors
  • Roofs
  • Partition walls
  • Railings
  • Shower cabins
  • Furniture finish
  • Furniture decoration
  • Decoration elements based on colour or graphics
  • Advertising boards and advertisements