The highest quality images in laminated glass

A very interesting and popular solution nowadays is lamination of glass with an image inside. Depending on the numer of glass sheets used, we differantiate between the following:


An innovative product with the thickness of just 4,2mm and weight 50% smaller than in the case of other similar products available on the market. The safety class 1B1 ensures high quality of Monoglass and the modern production line enables to manufacture it at competitive and so far unreachable prices.

A customer can choose an image from a vast image bank or provide their own. The choice of size is broad – from very small formats up to 250x400cm. The print quality is 1400x720dpi.

MONOGLASS is characterised by its easy installation and maintenance as well as resistance to outer factors, which makes it a perfect choice for rooms which require sterile conditions and simplicity in use.

In 2014 MONOGLASS was awarded „Diamond of Furniture Making” for an outstanding engineering achievement in furniture making.


A kind of laminate which is made as a result of glueing two glass sheets tightly together. Glass manufactured in this way does not lose its transparency, but gains on the width which is exremely important where durability and security of a product is needed.

Apart from its esthetique and hygienic values, Duoglass is characterised by its high reliability and durability against outer factors, humidity, scratches and mechanical damages.

  • Applications:
  • partition walls
  • filling elements for balustrades, balconies and stairs
  • shower cabins
  • decorations
  • table tops
  • inner and outer doors

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