Glass with sandblasted patterns

sandblastingSandblasting is the process of removing glass layer applying very tiny sand particles at high velocity and directing them at the glass. As a result the matt finish of the glass is achieved. The depth of a sandblasted pattern depends on the concentration of sand stream and has an effect on its translucency.

Sandblasting enables us to achieve the following:

  • matt finish of whole glass surfaces, resulting in their low translucency and blur effect
  • creating patterns, inscriptions and decorations on glass. The patterns can have matt finish and be placed on smooth glass surface or be smooth on matt background
  • light patterns in LED mirrors
  • Applications:
  • doors and glazings
  • wall partitions
  • shelves, table tops
  • mirrors
  • balustrade fillings
  • shower cabins and screens
  • elements of interior design
  • inscriptions, patterns, logos