You can make your mirror even more practical if you decide to include in it additional features. Thanks to innovative solutions, you will save your time and gain comfort from using the chosen mirror.



One of the most useful accessories in a bathroom. It has x3 magnification and the diameter of 14cm. It can be supplied with an additional LED lighting.

The magnifier can be installed almost anywhere in the mirror, as long as its position stays within the minimal distance from the edges and does not collide with other mirror features, i.e. LED lighting or clock. The illuminated magnifier has the diameter of 17.5cm; the sole illumination is 1.2cm wide.

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Additional switch

Rocker switch


A rocker switch is characterised by its simplicity and reliability. It is installed behind the bottom edge of the mirror, making it invisible from the front. The models with perimeter lighting cannot be supplied with this switch.

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Sensor switch


An infrared sensor activating mirror light with a hand movement from the distance of 3-7cm. It is installed behind the mirror bottom edge in a tight profile. Hygienic and convenient in use. Can be operated with wet hands. Technical specifications do not allow for it to be installed in the models with the perimeter lighting.

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Touch switch


A very modern solution. A gentle finger touch on the circle with the diameter of 1.5cm is enough to activate mirror light. It is placed against the backside of the mirror in a tight casing, in the previously sandblasted part of the mirror. Its inner LED light makes it visible even in a dark room. The switch is blue when in active mode and turns green in standby. It turns off the mirror light automatically after 30 minutes. Especially recommended for hotel or guest rooms.

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It allows to regulate the brightness of the mirror light. We do it by pressing our finger against a dimmer until we reach the desired effect. The maximum brightness is indicated by a double flash.

LED clock

A digital display measuring 2x5cm, possible to install almost anywhere in the mirror surface.

Available in 5 colours: white, yellow, green, blue and red. Disconnecting the clock from the power supply does not delete its time settings.

Demister pad


A thin demister pad manufactured from the high quality plastics. It is glued to the backside of the mirror, warming up its surface. Comes in handy during hot baths.

Bluetooth speakers


A Bluetooth set consists of two stereo speakers and a compact module installed under tight mirror profile.

It allows every device with the Bluetooth option to connect with the speakers and play music through them. The speakers activate after turning on the mirror light. The set is small and therefore can be installed in every mirror.

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A perfect solution for people who love colours. RGB LEDs enable you to change the colour of the mirror light whenever you like.

RGB is short for: R- red, G-green and B-blue. These colours in the form of small diodes installed close to one another on a LED strip are mixed together to create up to 20 other different colours. Every mirror with this light option is supplied with a remote controller which makes it possible to choose between 20 possible colours, 19 dynamic modes and 5 brightness levels.

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Shaver socket

A shaver socket is installed in the mirror side. It allows for easy and comfortable shaving, but also to connect a hair dryer or charge a mobile phone.