RUKE means the highest quality service and modern design.

aboutQuality, innovation, aesthetics – these are the criteria which determine the philosophy and development of RUKE. The consistent implementation of these values into the business strategy of the company has allowed us to create a broad and modern range of products and services.

  • We specialise in:
  • manufacturing LED, traditional and framed mirrors
  • glass processing
  • manufacturing glass elements for interiors
  • manufacturing safety glass
  • projects involving flat glass for the building industry and architecture

Many certificates and awards confirm high quality of our products and motivate us to continuously undertake innovative and visionary projects.


Constantly developing since 1986

zmiana nazwy na RUKE1

text2Over 30 years of activity in the glass industry has given us necessary experience and skills to adapt to ever-changing market conditions. We have become experts in creating products which appeal to different customer needs and expectations.

Our company history dates back to 1986, when Zbigniew Rus opened up a small business under the name Szklo-Lux. The company specialised in glass processing and employed just a few people. After some time, more and more successes on the local market and customers satisfaction motivated us to develop the company, implement innovative technological solutions and extend our range of products and services.

Currently, our employees are growing in number and sales representatives cover the area of the whole country. We have our own transport and a large production area consisting of nearly 3000m2.
And in the near future…

We are building a strong company image in Europe

text3Szklo-Lux has become an esteemed and recognisable brand in Poland. Achievements to date have encouraged us to look abroad. Our successful sales to Germany, the UK, Austria, France and many other European countries have resulted in the significantly increased production volume.

Change of the company name and logo to RUKE was a natural outcome of establishing new distribution lines and expansion on the foreign markets. It allows for easier recognisition and accessibility in the international environment. Our aim for the coming years is to build a strong and positive image of RUKE as a modern, reliable and trustworthy company. Feel free to check our wide range of products and services and use creative and modern solutions that we offer.

Awards and certificates

Numerous certificates and awards confirm high quality and reliability of our products.

In 2014 we were awarded the prestige “Diamond of Furniture Making” for our trademark product Monoglass as an extraordinary achievemnt in the furniture industry. The “Good Design” title is an excellent proof of our original designs and engagement in innovative projects. Our high standards and competitive prices are certified by “The Best in Poland”. The production process and work management system are standardised according to strict norms of ISO 9001 by TÜV NORD. We are inspired by the need of combining modern and elegant aesthetics with the latest technologies available on the market. A distiction in the “Bathroom – Choice of the Year” contest, which promotes bathroom products, gives us further motivation to work on keeping the high quality and competitiveness of our offer under the new company name – RUKE.