Glass to glass and glass to metal bonding

uv1UV glass bonding is the process of glueing two glass elements using a special transparent adhesive. The joints are then cured by UV light which hardens the adhesive. This method allows for bonding glass with glass or other materials like wood, metal, etc. The only condition for this method to work is that one of the materials has to be UV permeable. If the glass you choose is not UV permeable, we can alternatively use an activator which does require UV light.

The biggest advantage of UV bonding is the full transparency of the adhesive. After the adhesive dries, the joints become completely invisible and the adhesive does not change its colour or properties with the course of time. Additionally, the joints are extremely strong, durable and more resistant to mechanical factors and weather conditions than the glass itself.

UV bonding ensures that no additional connectors (e.g. clips, latches, buckles) are needed. The end product is visually light, graceful and subtle.

Applications of UV bonded glass are very wide. It can be used for various architectural constructions, building elements, decorations, etc.